Friday, May 17, 2013

Update: "A Pyramid of Rats" and "Our War with Molly Nayfack"

Work on the novella "A Pyramid of Rats" has concluded, and the prototype text is in the hands of a faithful few.  After sufficient editing, all fifty pages of the post-apocalyptic story will be posted here.  But I want to take it a step further than that.  In the near future I'm going to be making arrangements to have the story recorded in audio format.  And it will be free for fans of the genre (and anyone else) to download or listen to online.

Then there's the other project.  After a brief pause to finish "A Pyramid of Rats," the much more ambitious pop-horror-science-fiction novel "Our War with Molly Nayfack" is still being written.  Unfortunately, during the time it takes to actually write out Molly Nayfack, production of short stories is expected to decline somewhat.  This has never meant, however, that I would stop thinking up plots for short stories.  And occasionally over these next few months I'm certain I will update with new stories.  But for a time I'm afraid the posting of short stories will become unreliable.  The payoff, however, will be a unique tale of terror that centers around isolation, alienation, and the nature of human evil.  And it all happens within a community where pockets of comfort and friendship remind the characters constantly that they are not alone in facing the great and terrible cynicism of a new world.  Relationships between characters are important as they find themselves in a completely isolated community.  There is no one to call when strange beings start wandering into their houses and threatening to tear their small town apart.  The only ones the captive townspeople have to depend on are one another.  It's a story about community, trust, and survival in an abandoned world.

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