Friday, December 20, 2013

Calefactory 2014

So what if you were stuck living in 2006 with the full knowledge that Doomsday was destined to arrive a few years in the future?  What if you were one of a select group of people trying to keep it from happening again?  And what if every time you tried to explain it to someone, you were stopped dead by how ludicrous it sounded?

That's more or less the problem Bevins and Jacob live with every day.  Their job is to hunt down tangible nightmares, the things we're all secretly afraid of.  Hook wielding killers in back seats, horror movie monsters, stygian shadows with thousand syllable names, these are the things they must confront and destroy on a hunt that takes them along the scenic route of the continental United States.  And the only claims to sanity they have left are Bevins' attention to verisimilitude and Jacob's irreverence.

Scary, darkly funny, and genre bending.  Calefactory is going to come out in a string of episodes with the first one, "Uncle Jesse's Warbox" coming out in January of 2014.

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