Saturday, October 11, 2014

Still Making Stuff

Posts are becoming more regular, but I'm still far from my goal of writing and dedicating a short story to the blog every week exclusively.  They take a while.  I've got four different stories I'm working on right now, two SciFi and two weird horror.

Nomina: A Train Story is about the terror of losing your anonymity in a crowd.  It's a SciFi story.

Lady Ergot is about a woman who can detect ergot poisoning in granaries.  That's an Ebon the Waste story.  Post apocalyptic SciFi.

Red Gelato is about a spooky ice cream man..nequin.

The Celfer is a weird one.  Definitely the riskiest in terms of complicated plot.  We'll see if I'm in a place where I can tell pull it off.

All the other stories I've been talking about are done.  I sent most of them off, and I have some news to share that will be good in the near future.  But I can't share it yet.  And yes I hate doing that.  I've been setting up some credits I'll be able to drop in the future.

Unrelated, check out the NovoPulp SciFi anthology for 2014 and keep an eye out for the 2015 volume.  The best short scifi G+ has to offer.

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