Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hands from the Sky - Bewildering Stories Issue 637

I've been meaning to post some of the publications I made it into in 2015.  This is the problem with always being focused on the next project.  I actually made some decent progress in 2015 but I need to do a little bit of self promotion or at least acknowledgment that this is where my stuff is.  Bewildering Stories let me print Hands from the Sky (previously titled The Cathedral) despite it being a reprint.  It even got selected for the quarterly review of Winter 2015 and got a third printing.  So far I think Hands from the Sky has seen the most reprints of the short horror stories, followed by "Properties" (Beyond Science Fiction July 2015 on Amazon, and Disturbed Digest Issue 11 - December 2015 in Print.)  There are a few others for 2015, but I want to focus on the one today and I don't want to take up a bunch of reading space.  I mostly share the free stuff on this blog, since it's mostly for free print and spoken word fiction.

Here's the link for Hands from the Sky.  I'll put a copy of it in the margins.
Hands From the Sky - Bewildering Stories

This post will be immediately followed with some different news.

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