Friday, February 7, 2014

New Video Coming Soon.

I like the timeline I posted a couple days back, so I'm now working to convert it into a video.  So far I've got the audio about 70% edited and completed.  What I need to do next is compile a video slide show.  Since this video is likely to be half an hour long, that could take a while.

But here are a couple of slides I have.

A lot of these are going to be compiled from public domain and open source archives, but a few of them are going to require a lot of editing.  I'm experimenting with a few things, so by the end of this hopefully we'll have something interesting.

I should mention that the main thing here is it will be a vehicle for a story, so visually this is likely to be more like a low budget slideshow documentary from the history channel - except narrated by a robot and about the end of the world. 

But it's a sort of alternate history experimental documentary about the world of Ebon the Waste.  And from the perspective it's told from, it could very well exist in the world it's about as well.  Listen to what I have of the audio to understand what I mean there.

Here's the audio.

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